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Squash Club

Squash Club has been established since 1993. Members are chosen from F.2 to F.7. The eighteen participants selected are all very active and keen on sport. Meetings are held every twice week in Lam Tin Stadium where transparent-glass-door is provided in each court. It is convenience for teacher, Mr. Law to patrol around.

At the first few Club's meetings, Mr. Law taught us some basic skill. We listen careful on every detail. Then, we practiced whole-heartedly. We found that it was interesting to play. Once you hit the ball, you couldn't imagine what direction the ball would rebound. Then, you might be hit by the ball if you were not careful enough.

However, as we have practiced for several lessons, we have improved a lot. We can predict what direction the ball will rebound in most of the cases. Without doubt, there is a change that we will be hit by the ball. But, we all enjoy the happy experience on hitting the ball indeed.