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Red Cross Youth Unit

The Hong Kong Red Cross Youth Cadet Unit 135 was established on 24th June 1984. Since then, membership has grown to more than seventy. Members of our unit are encouraged to participate in all kinds of activities íV parades, friendship activities, services, general meetings and various training courses onFirst Aid, Infant & Child Care, Nursing, Fire Prevention, Blood Pressure Taking, Basic Sign Language and Hospital Library Service Training.

There is a seven-member committee leading the whole unit and regular meetings are held. For the past 12 years, our unit has gained a number of prizes in First Aid Competitions, M.U.S.I.C. Competitions, Best Unit Competition, Bronze Service Awards and Silver Service Awards, Champion and Certificate of Merit (1990-1991) of the Best Service Project Competitors. We feel proud of what we have done and wish to thank all the staff of the Headquarters, our Patron (Mr. W. Y. Yuk),  Unit Officers and all members for such accomplishment.
Patron:  Mr. W. Y. Yuk
Unit Officer:  Miss Joan Wong
Assistant Unit Officer:  Miss Jannet Lam
Committee Group (1999-2000): Chairlady - Chan Yin Ning, Elaine (F. 4B)
Vice-chairlady - Wong Ching Man, Jenny (F. 3E)
- Wong Liu Ting, Tina (F. 3A)
Secretary - Kwan Yuk Kit, Vivian (F. 3A)
Treasurer - Yeung Wai Fan, Mandy (F. 3D)
Friendship - Fung Nga Man, Christy (F. 2C)
Personnel - Ton Chung Han, Celia 
Training - Lau Ka Yan, Jessica (F. 2C)