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Ichiban Club

Ichiban Club is a Japanese Culture and language learning extra-curricular activity. It was established in 1988-1999 academic year. There are about thirty members. The aims of this club is to teach students more understanding Japanese and Japanese culture through relaxant education. The activities of this club includes listening to Japanese songs, reading Japanese comics and this club and role play, etc. And the most momentous activity is "Japanese Comic Designing Competition".

Teachers in-charge: Mrs.Kwan
Committee Members: Chairman - Winne Pang (F.3C)
Vice-chairman - Adelaide Ng (F.3E)
Secretary - Rachel Li (F.2C)
Coordinator - Carrie Chan (F.1C)
- Tracy Wong (F.2C)
Recreation officer - Angel Cheung (F.3B)
- Karen Chan (F.3A)

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