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History Club

The History Club was established in 1992. The principal aim of establishing the club is to arouse our schoolmatesˇ¦interest in History through interesting and educational activities.

The History Club consists of more than a hundred members. A variety of activities, such as film shows, talks and History Knowledge Competition are regularly held. We also organize educational visits for example, to the Kowloon Mosque and the Hong Kong Museum of History. All these activities are fully supported by our members.

Teacher-Advisers: Miss Sally Yeung, Miss Jannet Lam
Committee members: ChairladyˇG - Queenie Chan (F.6A)
Vice-Chairlady: - Amy Leung (F.6A)
- Shirley Ngan (F.6A)
Secretary: - Crystal Wong (F.6A)
- Amanda Wong (F.6A)
Treasurer: - Michelle Yiu (F.6A)
Propaganda: - Stella Li (F.6A)
- Janet Cheung (F.6A)
General Affairs: - Alice Cheung (F.6A)
Designer: - Phoebe Lam (F.4A)
- Aster Lee (F.4D)
Organizing Committee: - Sandy Yu (F.1A)
- Mandy Yeung (F.2B)
- Peggy Chan (F.3C)
- Polly Cheung (F.4C)
- Becky Ho (F.5A)
Coordinators: - Gigi Yuen (F.1C)
- Tiffany Cheung (F.2B)
- Charlie Shek (F.3E)
- Rita Leung (F.3E)
- Yvonne Cheung (F.5A)


History Club Committee Members