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Hiking Club

How do you spend your Saturdays and Sundays? Our club members' favourite is hiking. Although, for most of us, hiking is quite tiring, all members are having great fun. Students are in amity with teachers and also their children. With the wonderful view below our feet, we can relieve our stress.

This year, our teacher advisers are Chau Shih Fu and Mrs. Ip. However, they will not organize this club in the following year which means that it is the end of the club. May I take these opportunity to say thank you to them for giving us a chance to view the beautiful side of Hong Kong.

Teacher in-charge: Mr. Law
Committee Group (1999-2000):  Chairlady - Eva Chan (F. 6Sc)
Vice-chairlady - Cindy Kwok (F. 6A)
Secretary - Jenny Fu (F. 4A)
Treasurer - Gloria Mak (F. 4B)