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Geography Club

Geography Club organizes various activities for club members, which aims at arousing their interest in academic subject.

Since the club was established, many different types of activities have been organized, for instance, waste paper collecting, games, video shows on topics of geography and environmental protection. We also go on field trips at different places every year. All club members as well as non-club members show enthusiasm in participating in our activities.

Though participation in our club activities, members are reminded of the importance of environmental conservation and the concern for our ecosystem.

Teachers in-charge: Mrs.L.K.Ho, Mrs.D.Choi
Committee Members: Chairman - Edith Yip (F.6A)
Vice-chairman - Ivy Leung (F.6A)
Treasure - Jenny Lee (F.6A)
Secretary - Queenie Chan (F.6A)
Coordinator - Camus Cheung (F.6A)
- Helen Tang (F.6A)