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Fencing Club

Fencing Club was established in 1993. There are many students who wish to join the club every year. Fencing is a speedy and skilful sport. Apart from maintaining good health, the club also encourages members to develop their thinking, judgement and senses of sportsmanship.

Fencing Club consists of 18 members. Meetings are held every Friday after school. Members are trained by an experienced coach. Competition is a good way to improve skill in every sport event, especially for highly skilful fencing. Apart from regular practice, students often take part in many competitions in order to have a better skill of fencing.

Without members our club won't be successful. Hope every student will enjoy the "fun of it"

Teachers in-charge: Mak Fung May, Carol
Committee Members List: Chairman - Janice Hui (F.4S)
Vice-chairman - Peggy Chan (F.4C)
Secretary - Elaine Chan (F.4B)
Treasurer - Christy Poon (F.4S)
General Affairs - Elaine Tai (F.4S)
Recreation Secretary - Cherry Chu (F.4D)