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English Club

The aim of English Club is to arouse our member's interest in both English and acting. This year, we have members from students of all levels. Various activities such as song appreciation, film show, inter-school free talk and Super Ping Pong English Competition have been organized.

Every year, we co-organize the English week with the Student Association. Games and activities during lunch time; there is also a film show and a corner 'your say' for students to express their opinions on selected topics.


Teachers in-charge: Miss Au, Miss Lo, Mrs. Luk, Miss Woo, Miss Fung
Committee Members: Chairman - Janice Leung (F.6Sc)
Captain - Tiffany Lin (F.6Sc)
Secretary - Tracy Cheung (F.6A)
- Crystal Kwok (F.6A)
Treasurer - Fiona Lam (F.6Sc)
Designer - Natalie Chan  (F.3E)
- Kate Ip (F.3E)
Coordinator - Annie Tang (F.6A)
Activity organizer - Zoe Wong (F.6A)
- Iris Yuen (F.6A)
- Rosanna Lam (F.3C)
- Bonnie Lee (F.3C)
- Agnes Leung (F.3C)
- Fanny Leung (F.3C)
- Joyce Chan (F.4Sc)
- Kitty Yeung (F.4Sc)
- Vivian Chan (F.4Sc)
- Claries Fung (F.4Sc)
- Kitty Ip (F.4Sc)
- Bonnie Leung (F.4Sc)
- Tracy Choi (F.4A)
- Vicky Chung (F.4A)
- Elsa Leung (F.4A)
- Brenda Wong (F.4A)
- Vicki Lam (F.4C)
- Becky Chan (F.4D)
- Stephanie Chu (F.4D)
- Carmen Mok (F.4D)
- Carmen Ng (F.4D)