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Chinese History Club

I. Aims: 1) To promote students' interests in Chinese History and Culture
2) To develop students' talents in all aspects in the subject
3) To ensure students' information and knowledge of Chinese History
4) To further friendship among students
II. Activities: games, films and video tapes watching, topic discussions on different dynasties, board displays, visits outings, tea parties and barbecue, etc.
III. Members: Requirement : F.1-F.4, F.6 students
Numbers of members: about 30
Teachers in-charge: Mrs.Yeung , Mr.Chiu
Committee Group: Chairlady - Crystal Wong Hiu Sze (F.6A)
Vice-chairlady - Veronica Hui Ting Chi (F.6A)
Secretary - Anna Chan Ling Ling (F.3C)
Treasure - Carmen Tsui Ka Man (F.6A)
Captain - Michelle You Wai Ching (F.6A)
Promotion captain - Veronica Mak Sin Ying (F.6A)
Recreation - Shirley Ngan Hui Ting (F.6A)