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Catholic Society

We aim at strengthen our faith as Catholics, share reflections on our life experiences, spread the Good News, reach out in service to the needy. Our gathering is held every Monday.

Teachers in-charge:  Mrs. D. Choi, Miss V. Fung, Mrs. Z. Lai, 
Miss Au Yeung, Miss M. Woo, Mrs. Mak
Committee Group (1999-2000): Chairlady - Alice Leung (F. 4B)
Vice-chairlady - Catherine Tang (F. 4D)
- Karen Kwok (F. 6A)
Secretary - Crystal Tsui (F. 2C)
- Mary Catherine Au (F. 4Sc)
Treasurer - Gloria Chan (F. 3A)
- Joyce Kwan (F. 3D)
General Affairs - Vivien Fong (F. 2E)
- Dorothy Tsui (F. 2D)
Social Conveners - Kitty Tse (F. 4D)
- Candy Li (F. 3A)