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Beauty Club

This club was run for the first time in 1995 and was popular. An experienced beauty therapist was invited to organize a 5-session course and talk on many topics, including skin care, hair and make-up.

The objective of the "Beauty Club" is to enhance members' knowledge of facial care and technique of make-up.

Every member can learn the right procedure of facial treatment, the way of make-up and dressing technique to meet individual's personality and taste. Through practice and theory, with the help of the beauty therapist, every student will find the fun of beauty.

Club members demonstrated great interest by the many questions asked during the course. Working in small groups and trying on make-up was an unforgettable experience to all the members.

Teacher Advisor:  Mrs. Sylvia Mok
Committee Group (1999-2000):  Chairlady - Jessica Wong (F. 6A)
Vice-chairlady - Annie Wong (F. 6A)
Secretary - Maggie Wong (F. 6A)
Treasurer - Jilly Wong (F. 6A)
General Affairs - Rita Ng (F. 6A)