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Basketball Team

"Run, run, run! I always run with you.
Go, go, go! You often follow me.
Cry, cry, cry! You hit me all the time.
Luck, luck, luck! You never kick my head!
Fly, fly, fly! You shoot me to the ring.
In, in, in! I help you win the game."

Hello! Can you guess who I am? Let me give you a great hint: I am the main character of a ball game. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I am Mr. basketball. The most funny ball in the sport world!" You are so clever. But Leung Shek Chee girls are always smart. Hee...hee...

Ah! Can you tell me which ball game you like most? Is it me? Whether you love me or not, you must be interested in me since you choose to read this homepage, mustn't you? Don't hide away. I know every thing you think! Ha...ha...

In this college, I have about Forty Friends. All of them are super-intelligent, lovely and pretty. Some of them know me for at least four years -- they are the Grade A. The other ones know me for one or two years -- they are the Grade C. They are all my good Friends although they always hit me.

Tell you a secret! Actually, I like to be hit. I am very happy if someone hit my head. But don't think that I am SHORT. I am as normal as you!

Hei! Stop talking about it. Would you like to know what they think about me?


Daisy: Besides studying, I have learnt the knowledge and skills of playing basketball in my school life. This is what I don't think I can learn. Now, I have a great interest in it.
Irene: Basketball is a three-dimensional sport game. It not only strengthen my physique, but trains my quick-wit as well.
Rebecca: Playing basketball can keep fit and healthy. Now, I have very good physique. Thanks a lot to Mr. Basketball. "I love you!"
May: Sometimes ago, I have no endurance. I would cry "I'm tired" after running just a few minutes. But Mr. Basketball help me become more determined and tell me what sportsmanship is. These are my great benefits.
Lorraine: People always say: If you want to get taller, play the basketballs. It's really true. I am getting taller and taller after playing the basketball. I will encourage my elder brother to play it as he is very very short.
Kathy: Each time, when I see the ball being shot into the rim, it makes me cheerful. Hence, I will play it when I feel sad.
Polly: "A friend in need is a friend indeed." After experiencing so many competitions, I found that they are not just my team members, they are my friends. My good friends.
Boton: I spend my leisure time playing basketball and I understand how to co-operate with others, not just manipulate the ball on my own in the competitions. We need team work!

"There is no difficulty in the world, only if you had the will to do that." To be one of my friends is not difficult. If you want to come and play with me, I am waiting for you.


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'Good try!'

'Good guard!'

'LSCC, pa pa pa, pa pa, pa, Oosh!'

Picnic! We usually go and have BBQ together. What a great team!

Basketball Team

Committee (1999-2000)


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May Leung




Botan Leung




Frances Chan




Bonnie Cheung




Kenex Lau



General Affairs & Activity Organizer

May Lai