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Art Club

The Art Club has been in existence for a number of years. The principal aim of establishing the club is to give members a chance to meet new friends, apart from learning more arts and crafts.

The club consists of 27 members, mainly from Form 3 and Form 4. Meeting are held every Tuesday after school in Art room. In this academic year, we have organized many creative activities involving the use of Glass Etching, weaving... and visiting.

Members were very enthusiastic in activities. Their own beautiful crafts are testimony to their talents and Miss So, Miss Ching have given much support and guidance to the Art Club. We would like to thank them.

Teachers in-charge: Miss M.So, Miss B.Ching
Committee Members List: Chairman - Fiona Tsoi (F.4S)
Vice-chairman - Eva Suen (F.4A)
Secretary - Yvonne Tong (F.3A)
Treasurer - Amy Chung (F.3C)
General Affairs - Winnie Tsui (F.4B)

Visual Arts Centre Visiting