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Student Librarians

At the beginning of each school year, 36 Junior Librarians are recruited from F.3 and F.4 students to assist the Teacher Librarian in providing effective library services to the school community.

Aims : It is hoped that through their participation students can
(1) cultivate their willingness to serve their fellow students and the school;
(2) foster their sense of belonging to the school and co-operation among themselves through team-work;
(3) develop their leadership and ability to organize activities.
Activities: Apart from performing routine circulation services, Student Librarians have also shown great enthusiasm in organizing other related library activities.
Training: (1) A 3-day Induction Programme is run in early September to familiarize Junior Librarian with basic library operations.
(2) Regular meetings are held to review and improve their performance in library duties.
(3) Best Librarians Election and Best Day Award Scheme are implemented to arouse students' awareness in providing better quality library services.