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The Prefects' Association

The Prefects' Association is within the mechanism of the School Discipline Committee. The prefects play an important role in maintaining school discipline.

The Structure:

Aims: (1) To help maintain studentsˇ¦ discipline and enforce school regulations.
(2) To train and enhance leadership, confidence and self-discipline of the students.
Duties: (1) To help maintain an orderly environment for schooling.
(2) To help out in school functions and activities.
(3) To cooperate with teachers on discipline matters.
Activities: (1) To hold regular meetings with group leaders and teacher-advisers to discuss  discipline matters and work out solutions to discipline problems.
(2) To participate in orientation program, annual outing and end-of term party.
Recruitment: With subject teachersˇ¦ recommendations, F.4 and F.6 students with strong capacity in leadership, studies and cooperation will be selected as prefects.

The Prefects' Association of Leung Shek Chee College(1998-1999)

Teacher-Advisors: Mrs C. Yeung, Miss W. Wong
Head Prefect: Windy Chong (6Sc)
Vice Head Prefect: Coral Ching (6A)
Prefects: 43