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The Student Association

The Student Association of Leung Shek Chee College was established at 1987. All students currently studying in Leung Shek Chee College will naturally become the members of the association. We aimed at:

  1. Providing students with different kinds of activities and services,
  2. Uniting the students
  3. Raising student's sense of belonging towards school, and
  4. Connecting with other schools'  Student Associations.

The name of this year's student association is 'AIR Force', here are our politics:

Being the bridge between students and the school
The Student Association allows students to express their opinion to the school and solve the problem together.

Raising student's sense of belongings
Students' support contributes a lot to the school. We do hope that through the activities and competitions, student’s responsibility and the sense of belonging can be motivated.

Strengthening the relationship among students and teachers.
By organizing more activities involving students and teachers, we hope to provide more chances for students to communicate with the teachers other than during lessons.

Increasing the transparence of the student association
The SA seems not to be existed unless there are activities held. We would like to change the relationship by for instance, by setting up school radio, the Air Channel. The radio, which reporting the works of SA, informing students what we are doing can help achieving the greatest performance during the operation.

Accepting more advice from students
We would like to encourage students to express their views towards School and SA. We can then improve our services and shorten the distance between students and the SA. Students have a sense of participating but not only standing by.

Offering the welfare, services and facilities
We are trying our best to meet the needs of students. We propose the school offering more facilities and finding discount for purchasing from shops. We also offer the students to borrow things like uniforms, umbrellas and games for convenience. We also process the lost things and selling stationery in lower prices.

Organizing more relaxing activities to students
As homework and examinations bring stress. Different kinds of activities provide chances for a rest.There are games and competitions students can access. Students can participate and relax


The list of our committee:

Chairlady - Olivia (蔡曉欣)
Vice-Chairlady(Internal affairs) - Selina (方偉雯)
Vice-Chairlady(External affairs) - Shirley (顏曉婷)
Editor - Charline (潘政泠)
Secretary - Alice (張曉琳)
Assistant Secretary - Joyce (張綺敏)
Treasurers - Angela (鄭慧敏)
- Sandy (張婕珊)
Secretary of Propaganda - Tracy (方翠華)
Secretary of General Affairs - Francis (王小鳳)
- Suki (丁詩琪)