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Discipline Committee

    Good discipline helps to provide an orderly and safe learning environment for students.  They grow up happily and behave as responsible citizens in a well-disciplined school.  With the co-operative efforts of all students and members of staff, a good standard of discipline is maintained in the school.   Most of the responsibility however falls on the Form Teachers.

    The Discipline Committee enforces school regulations, handles students' general discipline and takes a positive approach in the execution of disciplinary measures. One member of the Discipline Committee is in charge at each Form level.  The Form Discipline in-charge and Form Teachers meet regularly during the school year to discuss students' discipline and behaviour, and to make suggestions whenever problems occur.  Mass programme activities are organized throughout the year to enhance students' personality development and promote their sense of community involvenment.

    In addition, two teachers co-ordinate the work of the prefects.  The forty-five school prefects give great serivce to the school in helping with maintaining discipline and organizing school activities.